White River Municipal Council

The White River Municipal Council is committed to representing the community of White River, and acting on the best interest of its residents.

The Council has diverse responsibilities which include developing and implementing policy, managing revenue, directing Municipal Services, and maintaining overall financial integrity of White River.

We take great pride in representing our community. 

For more information on our Council members, please review our listing of Councillors and their responsibilities below. 

Meet The Council

Our Municipal Council consists of:


Mayor Tara Anderson Hart

Responsible for  Economic Development Committee, Recreation/tourism/museum/visitor's centre, Taxes/Assessment, Finance/Budget,  Emergency Management and Community policing.



Councillor Dwijen Bharad

Responsible for recreation/tourism/museum/visitor's centre, Thunder Bay Municipal League, Superior East Community Development, Health NNNPLC, Union Negotiations, Community Policing, Water/Sewer/ Lagoon, Waste Management/Recycling, Finance/Budget and Taxes/ Assessment.

Councillor Raymond St Louis

Responsible for Community Policy & Development Committee, Building Maintenance, Occupational Health & Safety, Library, Water/Sewer/Lagoon, Waste Management/Recycling, Recreation/tourism/museum/visitor's centre, and Taxes/Assessment.


Councillor Rodney Swarek

Responsible for Community Policy & Development Committee, Economic Development Committee, Fire Department, Local Citizen's Committee, Thunder Bay Municipal League, Recreation/tourism/museum/visitor's centre, Emergency Management,  Roads/Public Works, Water/Sewage/Lagoon, Waste Management/Recycling, Finance/Budget and Taxes/Assessment 

Councillor Rob Sedore

Responsible for Recreation/tourism/museum/visitor's centre, Economic Development Committee, Local Citizen's Committee, Water/Sewage/Lagoon,  Waste Management/ Recycling, Finance/Budget and Taxes/Assessment.



To view the Council Remuneration for 2022 click here.