Employment Opportunities

Employment in White River is expansive in regards to primary and secondary industries, and with a growing industrial sector our community also has gained the capacity to grow its tertiary business and service sectors. White River currently has two large industrial operations in the community: White River Forest Products, which is a locally owned lumber operation, and Harte Gold Corp's Sugar Zone Mine Site, a gold mine that has within the last year been approved for a 15 year operating life. White River has an array of employment options and is always looking for motivated, hardworking people to move to town and contribute to this progressive and ever-growing community.

Whether you're seeking to gain employment in an expanding industry or set up a commercial operation of your own, White River has the support services to point you in the right direction. Our Regional Employment Help Centre assists residents with the fundamentals of gaining employment and offers additional services such as resume editing, critiquing, and aids in searching for careers that fit existing job skills through local ‘help wanted' ads. If you are a self-starter and want to start a business but don't know how to maneuver your first few steps, our Economic Development Office can assist you in the basics of business management. Our local EDO can assist you with finding federal and provincial funding applications, researching local real estate for commercial use, and other core aspects of setting-up your business in our community.


Working in White River is rewarding, and knowing you're within a community offers a wide range of career options adds much needed security in a time where many people struggle to find a comfortable fit in the world of employment. Contact our local Regional Employment Help Centre at info@wawarehc.com or view job listings on indeed to see where you fit best in White River.


If you should have any questions or concerns, please call 807-822-2450 or email wredc@whiteriver.ca


Employment Help Center

Individuals in White River can visit the Regional Employment Help Center to use the computers, phones, and other resources to apply to jobs across the region.