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Winnie the Pooh Park

Visit Winnie The Pooh Park! Where it all began!


Tourist Information Centre

Our Tourist Information Centre (located at 555 Elgin Street), which sits in the centre of our beautiful Winnie the Pooh Park, is your hub for information about White River during the tourism season. Operating from June-September, our information centre serves as a consultation booth, a rest stop, and even a camping ground if you’ve done enough travelling for one day and are ready to call it a night. Our friendly TIC consultants are eager to tell you anything and everything you will need to know about spending time in White River. From food, to motels, to local attractions and activities, our consultants can provide you with suggestions about how to make the most of your time in our community.

The centre itself is stocked with informational brochures, magazines, and pamphlets about the best-hidden gems and quaint travel stops in Northwestern Ontario. Collect some of this free reading material during your stop in White River in order to plan out your perfect route as you travel across our piece of the province. In addition to all the helpful information, our Tourist Information Centre has a variety of interesting artifacts and displays that showcase some of White River’s fascinating local history and contributions to Canadian culture. After you’ve enjoyed a rest at our scenic park and taken up a quick course in White River 101, you’re going to want to remember your time with some souvenirs! Our Tourist Information Centre comes stocked with all the White River themed merchandise you could ever want. We carry T-shirts, buttons, pins, blankets, tote bags, and so much more great White River merchandise.

Don’t be afraid to stop in and say hello! Stop by for a little while or a long while, we’re excited to help you make your time in White River, and your vacation, the best it can be. See you soon!






White River Heritage Museum

The White River Heritage Museum (located at 200 Elgin Street) is a fascinating gallery full of the most significant cultural artfiacts of White River and Winnie the Pooh. Our community has stood proudly since 1885 and is rich in not only Winnie the Pooh history but railroad history as well. Our exhibits contain everything from railroad artifacts to common household items from the 19th and 20th centuries. Our art gallery displays photos documenting life in White River from the early 1900s and onwards. If heroism in the face of danger excites you, our museum holds exclusive photos from the forest fire that occurred just outside of town in 1999. It is even home to an original painting from A.J. Casson, an original member of the famous Canadian art collective "Group of Seven".

If you're looking for souvenirs displaying White River or Winnie the Pooh, look no further. The White River Heritage Museum has an assortment of clothing and gifts to satisfy even the most fanatical Winnie the Pooh fans. Be sure to pick something up for the Winnie fan at home, they won't believe you made a stop in Winnie's hometown as you travelled along Highway 17.



Historic White River Train Station

Did you know you can visit the actual location where Lieutenant Harry Colbourn bought Winnie the Pooh back in 1914? Located at Winnepeg Street North, this train station stands as a reminder of White River's connection to popular culture and one of the most influential Disney characters ever imagined. Take a picture on the platform where the purchase took place to remind yourself that you visited a significant cultural landmark. Be careful, however, our train station is still fully functional and serves as a stop for Canadian Pacific Railway as well as a pick-up/drop-off point for the Sudbury - White River bud car.


Local Murals

White River has four distinct historical murals painted in our downtown section. The first three have been painted on the exterior the White River Heritage Museum at 200 Elgin Street while the third is just down the street from the White River Train Station on Winnipeg Street. Indulge in our local history through the murals to gain a better understanding of how White River grew from a railway stop in 1885 to the town you see before you today.



Picnic Lake

Picnic Lake is conveniently located only 2km down Highway 631 at the Highway 17 intersection. If you head north at the Highway 17 intersection you'll only be moments away from one of our numerous beautiful local beaches. Hang a left down Picnic Lake Beach Road and you'll be greeted by Picnic Lake's pristine waters and beautiful northern landscape. The lake is unsupervised and full of amenities with parking in abundance, picnic tables for outdoor lunches, and a boat launch for the anglers in the family. Spend an afternoon swimming in the warm waters of Picnic Lake then step onshore for a midday picnic in the sun. After spending long hours on the road there is nothing better than stepping out into nature to enjoy a refreshing soak before you continue your adventure.



Lyons Beach

Lyons Beach is located 650 metres past Picnic Lake Beach Road on the left-hand side of the highway on Highway 631. Take a left down an unmarked road just past the cottages on the left side of the highway and before the White River Water Treatment Plant to reach this little hideaway. Follow down the road for only a few moments to find this tiny beach. It is a secluded lake spot perfect for intimate family picnics and swimming. Parking space is limited but what it lacks in parking it made up for in privacy, beauty, and convenience. 



Tukanee Lake

If you continue down Highway 631 and take a left down Tukanee Lake Road toward the White River Airbase (4.3km away from the Highway 17 intersection) you'll be greeted with another beautiful hotspot White River is proud to call its own. Tukanee Lake is home to beautiful sapphire waters and a magnificent set of rushing rapids. The water is refreshingly cool to get relief on a hot day while the rapids are a breathtaking example of nature in action. This lake is unsupervised and a perfect spot to spend a night camping while you make your way to your final destination. Just remember to clean-up after yourself in order to keep our nature spots in immaculate condition for everyone else who wants to enjoy them.