Application for Temporary Use Zoning Amendment (Belisle Builders)



TAKE NOTICE that the Township of White River has received a complete application to amend Municipal Zoning By-Law 85-06 for the purpose of establishing a temporary use. The application affects lands described legally as CK71, Part 5, Plan 1R-10305, PCL 3000. The purpose of the application is to permit the establishment of an accommodation facility to accommodate workers involved in the East-West Tie Transmission Project.


AND TAKE NOTICE that the public meeting scheduled for May 20, 2020 was post-poned due to a medical emergency.

When the public meeting has been re-scheduled, notice will be sent to everyone on the original mailing list plus everyone who provided a written submission on the application.


Application Materials Available for Review:


Planning Reports to Council:

Preliminary Planning Report for Temporary Use Zoning (May 8, 2020)