PRIMARY FOCUS To arrange the supply of quality saw logs and the required fibre volumes for the Hornepayne sites at a competitive cost while ensuring adherence to and following Corporate principles and guidelines.

ACCOUNTABILITIES Direct (accountable for / authority over): • Organize operational forest and harvesting activities for Hornepayne, including contractors. Develops solid Work Relationship with Harvest Contractors. • Acquire an adequate wood and fibre supply, of sufficient quality, at the lowest cost point possible. • Develop plans and strategies with suppliers and contractors to improve the efficiency of the wood supply logistics, equipment, planning and subsequent cost reduction in the delivered price to the mill. • Ensure sound forestry resource management with respect to cost, quality and timely delivery. • Prepare contracts and/or service agreements with contractors and suppliers for approval by each unit and the GM/VP Forestry • Assist in the development of a Five Year Wood Supply Strategy and 10 year operational plan to ensure adequate supply of wood at a competitive cost to mill operations. • Develop and maintain constructive and positive working relationships with contractors, MNRF, First Nations and public to prevent or minimize conflicts jeopardizing our wood supply. Ensure operations respect the needs of other forested users. • Ensure all activities are carried out in a fashion that respects the company’s Forest Environmental Policy as well as all applicable laws and regulations. • Assist with submitting daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly reports as required outlining the unit performance with respect to budget and KPI’s. • Promote a safe workplace to achieve the best Health& Safety performance. Promptly reports any near miss, incident, equipment damage. • Ensure policies, procedures, and applicable regulations are followed. Respect and adhere to Corporate Principles, Policies and Objectives of the Company. • Maintain a close relationship and communication with HPL and HPI staff. • Assists when necessary in the performance of Forest Technical Work such as but not limited to Harvest Boundaries, Road Locations and or Buffer Zones. • Monitors and conducts Forest Compliance Audits. • A Valid Scalers License would be an asset. • Works in close liaison with Forestry Staff of White River Forest Products &VP & GM Forestry.

Other duties as assigned

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