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- May 2017 -


General Information

  • Are you prepared for the Winter?

  • Do you have an Emergency Preparedness Kit?

Click to view: Emergency Preparedness Kit Checklist


Local Development

  • The May 1st edition of the White River Newsletter is now available!

Click to view The White River Newsletter


  • Are you interested in promote your business at 2017 Winnie-the-pooh Hometown Festival?

Applications are now open to become a vendor at 2017 Trade Show. More information can be found at the Application Form.

Click to view Trade Show Application Form

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  • Are you a business owner and looking for ways to advertise your businesses?

The White River Community Development Corporation invites businesses in town to take part in the initiative of procuring business signs to advertise the downtown businesses in White River. This is an exciting opportunity providing awareness to local businesses, which can be often over looked by passing travellers, and a chance to showcase the businesses in town. 

The current focus of this project is procuring a business sign within the town boundary. In this phase of the project we are currently contacting manufacturers, figuring out designs, and identifying interested businesses. We would like to invite your business in this initiative and bring awareness to the businesses in White River. Should this project be of interest to your business please contact either Priscilla Lan by email, whiteriver%23ca|Lan, or by phone at 807-822-2859.


  • Hosting an event and want the community to know about it?

The White River's online events calendar provides a perfect location to display your event, it only requires the event to be:

          1. Taking place in White River;

          2. Open to the general public.

You can simply email your event name, location, time and poster (or description) to whiteriver%23ca|Lan. If you have questions or concerns, feel free to give us a call at 807-822-2859.


  • Want to contribute to the Winnie-the-pooh Festival 2017?

White River is accepting applications for the Festival Committee. If you are interested, please sign up by calling 807-822-2859.



Jobs & Opportunities


  • Are you looking for jobs or just want to make some extra money?

Many employers especially those in the service sector in White River are looking for full-time or part-time employees. Current job openings can be found on White River Economic Development Facebook page, as well as Employment page at this website.





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