Winnie the Pooh Park

Winnie the Pooh Park is located just off of Highway 17 as you pull into town and sits central to our business highway section. This beautiful park is the perfect rest stop for your family to eat lunch and enjoy the fresh air while you plan your next move in White River. It is just steps away from both our Tourist Information Centre and our historic Winnie the Pooh statue so you can immediately indulge in our local heritage as well as consult our information consultants about all that White River has to offer you on your journey.


Tourist Information Centre

Our Tourist Information Centre (555 Elgin Street), which sits in the centre of our beautiful Winnie the Pooh Park, is your hub for information about White River during the tourism season. Operating from June-September, our information centre serves as a consultation booth, a rest stop, and even a camping ground if you’ve done enough travelling for one day and are ready to call it a night. Our friendly TIC consultants are eager to tell you anything and everything you will need to know about spending time in White River. From food, to motels, to local attractions and activities, our consultants can provide you with suggestions about how to make the most of your time in our community.

The centre itself is stocked with informational brochures, magazines, and pamphlets about the best hidden gems and quaint travel stops in Northwestern Ontario. Collect some of this free reading material during your stop in White River in order to plan out your perfect route as you travel across our piece of the province. In addition to all the helpful information, our Tourist Information Centre has a variety of interesting artifacts and displays that showcase some of White River’s fascinating local history and contributions to Canadian culture. After you’ve enjoyed a rest at our scenic park and taken up a quick course in White River 101, you’re going to want to remember your time with some souvenirs! Our Tourist Information Centre comes stocked with all the White River themed merchandise you could ever want. We carry T-shirts, buttons, pins, blankets, tote bags, and so much more great White River merchandise.

Don’t be afraid to stop in and say hello! Stop by for a little while or a long while, we’re excited to help you make your time in White River, and your vacation, the best it can be. See you soon!